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Check out my treatments below, first I've got my luxury rituals which are a unique collection of full body and face treatments designed to offer complete and total relaxation. Then you will find my packages where you can pick and mix your individual treatments to design your own perfect pampering experience.


rose facial


Bring out your inner Goddess

Get skin that is petal soft and glowing with natural radiance.


I’ll start with a full body exfoliation containing real dried rose petals from the heart of the English countryside, to refine  and smooth your skin. Followed by an application of Organically grown British rose instant glow body essence; with light reflecting pearls which transforms your skin to a healthy glow and petal soft. You will then indulge in my radiance restoring luxury facial with relaxing Polynesian monoi oil scalp massage. Let your mind drift as the wonderful delicate aromas transport you far away.


Mind body and soul at peace.

90 mins




Drift and doze with this calming gem

This beautiful treatment is designed to soothes aches and pains, quieten the mind and rejuvenate the skin.

I'll start with a cleansing back scrub of this hard to reach area, alongside my soothing back neck and shoulder massage to release tension, and allow the body to relax. I'll then apply a rich nourishing mask and massage your lower legs and feet as it sinks in. Finishing with the sleeping beauty facial to support your skin natural night time regeneration.

Awaken to beautiful skin


90 mins


Massage Therapy


Reawaken your senses

This uplifting treat will brighten and tone your skin, detox the body and renew your soul.

Your citrusy stimulating ritual starts with a pink grapefruit body scrub to buff away your dead skin cells, and reveal brighter fresher skin, the energising scent alone will lift your sprits. Followed by a wonderfully relaxing full body massage, to revive body and let your mind clear, An application of zingy Thai makrut lime firming body oil follows to tone your skin. Your ritual concludes with a invigorating yet deeply relaxing Thai foot massage, working on your detox meridians to really put a spring in your step; ready to face the world.

Feel alive from within

120 mins


Untitled design (78).png


Relaxation from head to toe.

This sensory treatment is designed to relax every part of you, so you awaken with a beautiful glow.


Your heavenly ritual commences with a skin softening body scrub, to gently buff away the dead skin cells, to reveal brighter more beautiful skin. Next experience a muscle melting full body massage that just goes on and on. Feel your whole body sink deeply into the soft couch as the exquisite Polynesian body oil deeply nourishing your skin to perfection. Your ritual concludes with a soothing scalp massage.


Feel your stresses melt away.

120 Mins


Untitled design (77).png


An ancient Polynesian gift 

Your treatment will begin with some deep aroma breaths, letting you sink into relaxation with ease. I then exfoliate your body with a coconut body scrub that smells good enough to eat! Afterwards i'll drizzled warm coconut oil all over you for the full body lomi lomi massage, which is a massage experience like no other. Feel the soothing, healing and nurturing lomi lomi massage techniques wash over you; like waves of the ocean. Feel your tension release as your mind begins to drift and your body sinks deeper into the heated table beneath you. Your treatment will conclude with a deeply soothing face, neck shoulder and scalp massage.

Pure serenity

120 mins


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Shoulder Massage


Beautiful sleep is moments away

Untitled design (92).png


A journey to Thailand

This sensory treatment is designed to relax every part of you, so you awaken with a beautiful glow.


Your sleep ritual will commence with a slow soothing full body massage, with the scent of calming Lavender and luscious ylang ylang, lulling you off to a peaceful slumber. To ensure you awaken with velvety soft skin, an application of Japanese camellia cream follows. I will then begin your facial to soothe and nourish your skin with a tension releasing scalp massage using coconut oil beautifully scented with Tahitian flowers.


Let your mind drift and dream.

120 Mins


This relaxing foot ritual will put a spring in your step.


Your treatments begins with an aromatic salt foot soak. The warm water soothing your feet, as the exotic scents envelope you. Whilst your feet are soaking, feel your tension relax as you enjoy a shoulder and neck massage. A foot scrub follows to reinvigorate those tired achey feet. Its now time to recline on to the massage couch and enjoy your Thai foot and lower leg massage. This stimulating yet deeply relaxing massage includes gentle stretches, opening the sen lines to allow the energy to flow, followed by hands on massage and techniques with the traditional wooden Thai stick. An application of fragrant foot cream concludes your beautiful foot ritual.


Feet revitalised

75 Mins


purple smoke web size.png
Untitled design (96).png

Reiki the ancient art of hands on healing therapy using universal energy

Reiki Fusion - Vitality


Enjoy a beautiful facial to soothe and revitalise your skin, with a super relaxing sleep inducing scalp massage. Then let your body and mind recharge as you reach an even deeper level of relaxation, as sprit meets skincare with the universal healing energy of Reiki.



Reiki Fusion - Recovery


The mystical meets massage in this Reiki fusion treatment. A soothing full body massage to ease away your aches and pains is followed by a beautifully healing reiki session. Let the universal energy wash over you as you enjoy your post massage glow.



Wonders of Earth Collection

Wonders of Earth - Longevity 90mins


Our planet produces so many wonders and one of natures gifts is Bamboo; the fastest growing plant on Earth. It symbolises health, strength and flexibility. It represents how we can stand strong and adapt even in the most difficult circumstances. In this we find balance, inner peace and good health.


Your treatment will commence with a softening back scrub with seed oils from the sacred ximenia tree known as the tree of life.  Followed by a warm eastern bamboo back, neck and shoulder massage, to ease away your muscular stress and tension. Then you will turn over for a super nourishing facial with ingredients sustainably harvested from far reaches of our beautiful planet.


Awaken revitalised.


Copy of Untitled (1).png

Wonders of Earth - Stability 90mins


Basalt is formed when lava reaches the Earth’s surface and then rapidly cools. This powerful transformation becomes harnessed to the basalt; filling it with strong energy. The basalt stone represents stability helping us to stay grounded and connected with the Earth.


Your treatments will commence with a skin smoothing back scrub, freeing this hard to reach area of dead skin. You will enjoy a hot basalt stone back massage. The powerful heat energy being transferred to your body, soothing you into deep relaxation as your muscles release their tension. It’s then time to turn over and experience a skin brightening facial using ingredients harnessed from the deep ocean waters.


The powers of land and sea combined.


Liking the sound of what you've just read, and in need of some you time? Then email me to request an appointment


Create your own relaxing experience at home

Below you will find my packages, just decide how long you want your appointment to be, then scroll down to my comfort, revive and blissful treatments options to create your own perfect pampering experience.


For a quick fix

Choose 1 revive treatment


2 comfort treatments

60 mins



When a hour is just not long enough

Choose 1 blissful treatment


90 minutes of comfort and revive treatments

90 mins



Create your own bliss

Choose 2 hours of comfort, revive and blissful treatments


120 mins



The ultimate in relaxation

Choose 3 hours of comfort, revive and blissful treatment

180 mins



Perfect for a girls night in

For 3 or more people

£30 per person for a 30 minute treatment

£55 per person for a 60 minute treatment

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Home: Treatments


30 mins each

back massage_


A soothing massage of the back neck and shoulder area, available as a deep tissue massage to work on releasing built up tension, or as a relaxing experience to simply unwind and everything in between.
Available with or without or essential oils

Untitled design (28).png


a super relaxing massage designed to release tension in the head, neck and shoulders. Using coconut oil to nourish and condition your hair and skin.

Untitled design (29).png


A beautiful massage to relieve tension in the face using Oils of life intensely revitalising facial oil to leave your skin hydrated and radiant, includes a soothing massage of the neck and shoulders to release built up tension too.

Untitled design (60).png
Untitled design (30).png


The perfect pick me up facial, enjoy as your skin in cleansed exfoliated and nourished. Choose from a tension melting shoulder massage or deeply relaxing scalp massage whilst your face mask is on.

Salts Massage


Feel all brand new with a skin energising body scrub. Great for reviving dry tired skin, this treatment will buff away dead skin cells, stimulate your circulation and leave your skin fully replenished.

Untitled design (100).png


Because your hands can get tired too, A hand cleanse is followed with an exfoliation to remove dead skin cells. Then enjoy a wonderful hand and forearm massage. Finished off with a deeply nourishing hand cream.

Untitled design (99).png


Perfect for tired feet. I will cleanse and exfoliate the feet, followed by a soothing foot, ankle and lower leg massage, helping to soothe any aches and pains. Finished off with a nourishing foot cream.



Spruce up your nails with a file and polish. Nails will be shaped, cuticles tidied followed by an application of nail polish. Choose from fingers or toes.

Untitled design (97).png


A wonderfully relaxing and stimulating traditional Thai foot massage. Includes a combination of relaxing and energising techniques with hands and a wooden Thai massage stick, to release tension and balance the body's energy to promote detoxification and well being.

Untitled design (33).png


A wonderful holistic massage to balance mind body and soul. This treatment is carried out in the traditional way; seated and can be done with or without oil. Includes a  massage of the shoulders, neck, face and scalp.



A holistic treatment carried out on the feet to bring balance to the body and encourage the natural healing process. This mini version is a great taster.

Reiki Treatment


An energy therapy where universal energy is transferred from the placing of hands on and around the head and body. The energy works to unblock and counteract negative energy to encourage balance and promote well being.

These 30 minute treatment options are perfect if you have an area you want me to concentrate on, would like to try a type of treatment or if you enjoy lots of smaller treatments.

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60 mins each

Untitled design (76).png


Looking for a massage with the wow factor? Lomi Lomi might be just the ticket. This is a full body massage treatment that induces a deep sense of relaxation. The body is massaged in such a way that it can be likened to the ebb and flow of the ocean waves. Long sweeping strokes combined with deep kneading techniques, are what make up the dance like, rhythmic motion of this truly unique massage. No two lomi lomi massages are alike so experience a different massage each time.


Untitled design (48).png


This beautifully relaxing facial massage will visibly make your skin look fresher brighter and even more lifted. Using a combination of gentle specific movements to stimulate microcirculation, reduce tension and drain away excess fluid in the tissues.
Tranquility lift facial massage is a holistic deeply relaxing alternative to more invasive methods to getting a noticeably more youthful appearance.

Untitled design (47).png


A soothing full body massage available as a deep tissue massage to work on releasing built up tension, or as a relaxing experience to simply unwind and everything in between.
Available with or without or essential oils

Untitled design (60).png
Untitled design (35).png


A gorgeous facial treatment, that will take you on a sensory journey, and leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Enjoy a cleanse and exfoliation, followed by a deep neck and shoulder massage to ease away stress and tension. Your relaxing face massage is next using pressure point and lymphatic drainage techniques to release areas of congestion. A beautiful mask is applied, whilst you receive my deeply soothing coconut oil scalp massage. finishing with eye cream, serum and moisturiser to leave your skin hydrated and glowing.

Untitled design (36).png


A holistic treatment carried on the feet that your whole body will feel the benefit from. This gentle and deeply relaxing treatment is designed to bring the mind body and soul into balance and encourage the body's natural healing process.

Untitled design (37).png


A seated massage of the upper back, neck, shoulders, arms, face and scalp. This wonderful holistic massage helps to release tight muscles, calm the mind and bring your body back into balance

Untitled design (94).png


A holistic energy based treatment where you remain fully clothed. Simply get comfortable on the massage couch and I will transfer the universal energy to your body by gently placing my hands on different areas (or hovering slightly above if you prefer) . The universal energy travels through your entire body, helping to release energy blockages and promote well being. Most people experience a deep sense of relaxation during a reiki session, however other sensations have been recorded too.

Read my blog to discover more about this wonderful therapy.

These 60 minute treatment options are deeply relaxing and perfect if you want to switch off, or experience a more thorough treatment.

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90 mins


Feel your tension melt away as you enjoy this 90 minute top to toe massage experience, perfect for those who enjoy a longer massage, or a massage that includes the face and scalp; which is not traditionally included in a full body massage. Choose an aromatherapy blend to add a sensory element, and leave your worries behind as you sink into deep relaxation.

Untitled design (60).png
Untitled design (53).png
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Untitled design (60).png

Make your massage extra special by upgrading to hot stones for just an extra £5

I'll use warm smooth volcanic basalt stones, and my hands to glide the stones over your body and massage your muscles, the heat from the stones provides an increased sense of relaxation.


My hot stone massage is an excellent way to soothe your tired achy muscles and experience complete and utter bliss as the heat works its way into your body as you slip into a deep dreamy state.


Untitled design (60).png

Try a massage with a difference and upgrade to warm bamboo for just an extra £5

I'll use lengths of warm smooth bamboo to massage your muscles. Hands and bamboo sticks move together fluidly and seamlessly creating a truly unique massage experience.

My bamboo massage delivers an increased sense of well being and deep relaxation. Feel your body relax and as your tension releases and let your mind drift.

hot stone and bamboo massage

"Jennie is someone you can totally trust to deliver an outstanding service. I have a regular back massage coupled with one of her other perfect treatments. It is a truly relaxing and calming experience. Jennie has a holistic approach to her work and treats you very much as an individual. Body, mind and soul are always left invigorated and refreshed. I would highly recommend Serenity by Jennie.....FIVE STARS" 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


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