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Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy

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As a specialist in advanced clinical massage, I use the Jing Method™ to help relieve pain and improve range of motion for my clients. Using a combination of deep tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy and stretching techniques, I am able to target specific areas of tension and promote healing. If you’re experiencing pain or restricted movement, you’ve come to the right place.

Find out what the Jing Method™ is here

Initial appointment with assessment £85

Your initial appointment and clinical assessment is an essential step towards your journey to better health. This advanced clinical massage therapy session lasts 90 minutes and includes a thorough consultation and health history to identify your concerns. We will discuss your pain in detail and conduct observation and range of motion testing before presenting a personalised treatment plan. You will receive hands-on care and after-care advice that will help you manage your pain at home in between therapy appointments.


Follow up appointment £60

 At your follow-up appointment, we will work together towards your recovery goals. During each 50-minute hands-on session, I will work with you to monitor your progress and provide support and advice to ensure you are on track. In most cases, 1 to 6 weekly treatments are needed to see results. With my expertise and personalised approach, you can expect to see significant improvements over time.


"I went to Jennie to help with right shoulder pain which I had had for about 3 months. She gave me a wonderful massage and relieved the pain almost completely in the first session. I have some stretches and homework to do before the next session, when I expect the problem will be fully resolved. Very knowledgeable advanced clinical massage therapist - I would highly recommend Jennie"

Wendy Middleton-Smith

Are you ready to begin your healing journey? I would love to help. Please don't hesitate to contact me today to book your appointment or if you have any questions about my advanced clinical massage therapy services. Don't forget to include your postcode when enquiring as all availability is location dependent.

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