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Introducing Reiki

I'm really excited to announce I trained and became attuned to Usui Shiki Ryho and can now offer REIKI (pronounced ray key) to all my clients. If you are thinking, oh great I love Reiki then please get in touch for a treatment, if you are thinking ray-what now? Then don't worry I've put this blog together to explain what Reiki is.

Let me first explain what the word Reiki actually means. It is a Japanese word and this is how it is written in kanji (Japanese writing)

Japanese is a complex language, and words often have more than one meaning.

Rei - means sacred, wisdom, divine, soul, essence, spirit or mysterious power.

Ki - translates to life force energy, cosmic energy or universal energy.

Reiki therefore is often translated to universal life force energy.

What Reiki means

So you know what the word Reiki translates too, but what does that mean. The second part of the word ki means energy or life force. You may have heard people calling energy Chi when referring to Chinese practices such as acupuncture, or Prana in yoga, which originates from Indian. These all relate to a vital force of energy that flows through all living things, through channels called meridians, and into the energetic field known as the aura. We can't see this energy because it operates at a high frequency, it requires forms of electromagnetic equipment to detect it. So if we combine this Ki, life force energy, with the word Rei and its meanings above, you start to get the idea that is means an energy from a sacred and spiritual source, or the universe as is commonly accepted.

What is a Reiki Treatment

In a nut shell Reiki is form of healing energy therapy by the laying on of hands. A Reiki treatment consists of me placing my hands gently on or sometimes near the body in a completely non intrusive way. I keep my hands still and hold them in place for anything from 1- 5minutes before moving to another area of the body and repeating the process. During which time Reiki is following through my hands into your body. The Reiki has its own intelligence, I don't decide or direct where it goes or what it does. Reiki gives you what you need in that moment.

Reiki is Holistic

Reiki is a holistic treatment, meaning it treats the whole person, mind body and soul. Reiki will encourage a sense of well being, and often allows for deeper relaxation allowing the body time and space to promote the natural healing process, helping to remove physical, emotional and mental stress.

What to expect from Reiki

The most common sensation to experience when having a reiki treatment is the feeling of warmth and tingling where the hands are placed. However this is not always the case and each treatment is different and unique to the individual. Some people experience no particular sensation other than feeling pleasantly calm and relaxed, where as some people report to seeing colours and visions, or their arms or legs suddenly jerk. All sensations no matter how big or small are all normal.

What are the benefits of Reiki

If you don't see colours, feel warmth or suddenly jerk, doesn't mean Reiki is 'not working' the benefits of Reiki are more far reaching than simply feeling relaxed. These can be categorised into physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Although most people do reach a deep level of relaxation, what is actually happening is the allowance for the body to re-balance and re-gain equilibrium. Reiki flows through the body knowing exactly what it needs to achieve this.

Who and what is Reiki used for

Reiki is for everyone! Anyone can experience this completely non invasive treatment. You may like to try Reiki to simply experience it, to reach a deeper level of relaxation and the benefits that come with it. It may also help if your suffering in some way or have a specific condition. Reiki is not a cure or a replacement for medical treatments however. Reiki is a positive energy with the goal and intention that is for your highest and greatest good.

Below is a list of benefits from Penelope Quest's book The Reiki Manual, that regular reiki treatments can help you achieve.


  • Supports body's natural healing

  • Alleviates pain

  • Helps body remove toxins

  • Balances energy field

  • Promotes wellness and overall feeling of well being

  • Helps develop self awareness i.e. knowing what your body needs


  • Encourages you to let go of negative emotions

  • Promotes positive emotions


  • Allows you to let go of negative thoughts, attitudes and concepts

  • Allows you to replace them with positive thoughts peace and serenity

  • Enhances intuitive abilities

  • Improved self awareness to pursue personal potential


  • Helps you accept and love your whole self

  • Promotes love, compassion, understanding and acceptance

  • Allows you to have a non judgemental approach to human kind

  • Encourages you on a path towards personal growth and spiritual development

I give myself and spike (my dog) regular Reiki treatments and I know we are the better for them, so if you fancy giving this mysterious power a go then book in for your Reiki session now.

Thanks for reading

Jennie x


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