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Why choose me?

With so many salons and spas around, why choose me? I'm very proud to say I have many years experience (over 16 now) and I have lots of lovely reviews. I love what I do, I always give my all and I hold myself to very high standards. All of this hopefully you already know from my testimonials etc. But here are a few extra reasons why you should choose me.

You need a little less time

We all need a little more of it, what we have runs out or disappears before our very eyes. What is it? Time. You need a massage but you don't have time. Does that sound familiar? Well you actually need a little less time when having a treatment with me because I come to you. No travel time needed to and from your appointment, and no extra minutes needed for parking.

Keep your post massage vibes

Did I mention I come to you! There is no need to get back fully dressed straight away, no driving home with the potential of dreaded traffic zapping those post massage vibes, or even bumping into someone who keeps you talking for ages, when all you want to do is zombie on your sofa. When you book a treatment with me you can pull on your dressing gown and sink into your sofa and enjoy that totally relaxed feeling for a lot longer.

Home sweet Home

"There is no place like home"(L. Frank Baum). "There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort" (Jane Austen). "The ultimate luxury is being able to relax and enjoy your home" (Jeff Lincoln). I think you get the picture. A treatment such as a massage, with some exceptions is designed to be relaxing. I truly believe an even deeper level of relaxation can be achieved if you are already feeling a sense of comfort, security and familiarity. Which you certainly have at home.

Me myself and I

You interact directly with me when you are booking your appointment, not a receptionist or the therapist who isn't going to be the one who is delivering the treatment. So I can advise and help you choose the treatments right for you, I can accurately tell you what to expect from my visit, and you can discuss with me exactly what you want to achieve from your treatments, making the experience entirely tailored and personal to you.

Ooh that smells nice

I have to admit how pleasant it can be when you walk into the salon or spa, and that aromatherapy smell hits you. I bet you want to take it home with you. Well what if I can leave your room smelling like a spa? You'll have to take my clients word for it, because I don't hang around after your treatment, but they tell me even after I've left how wonderful their room smelt. I use high quality essential oils and products that will fill your room with their gorgeous aromas.

So the next time you need a relaxing treat, your aches and pains easing or a stress melting experience that lasts then please get in touch.

Thank for reading have a great week



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