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15 ways to improve your wellbeing

We hear the word wellbeing a lot these days, I know I use it a lot when describing the benefits and effects of my treatments, but what does it actually mean.

I researched the answer, and it wasn't quite as straight forward as I thought; thanks to the vast amount of information out there on the net, the answer depended on the article and who it was aimed at. So for the purposes of this blog, I'll use a nice simple definition we can all relate to. From the oxford dictionary, Wellbeing is being comfortable, healthy or happy. Not sure why its not healthy and happy? It's not like the two are mutually exclusive... anyway here are 15 super simple ways to improve your wellbeing.

  1. Smile - When you smile, chances are someone will smile back and it feels good.

  2. Take walks outside in nature - Look around you, notice how beautiful the scenery is, notice the colours, the fresh air, look for wildlife.

  3. Be organised - If you have a lot a do, plan and prioritise you can only do, what you can do.

  4. Drink water - Water is vital, pretty much everything from your skin to your memory will improve if you drink more water.

  5. Read a book - Learn something from a factual book, or lose yourself in fiction, either way your brain will thank you.

  6. Exercise - Whether is gentle or vigorous, its probably good for you.

  7. Sleep well - Let your body do what its supposed do at night and repair

  8. Treat yourself - Whatever that means to you, doing something for you is not selfish, its looking after yourself.

  9. Practice deep breathing - Deep breathing takes a little while to master but once you've got it you won't look back, and it feels so good.

  10. Know yourself - We are all different what works for Karen down at number 32, might not work for you. Play to your strengths, and work towards improving your weaknesses, or simply accept them.

  11. Laugh - Goes without saying, it feels good to laugh.

  12. Meditate - This can mean a million things, and sitting crossed legged chanting is just one, maybe its going for a walk, maybe its listening to water, maybe it laying in bed and having a few moments of quiet before starting your day.

  13. Be sociable - visit a friend or family member, call them up if you are don't get chance to meet, you never know they might need it more than you.

  14. Keep learning - This encourages self improvement, and practices self motivation, which is good to have when the going gets tough. Knowledge also nourishes your mind.

  15. Say thank you - expressing gratitude apparently helps you focus on all the good things in life.

Here's to improving our wellbeing! May you be comfortable, happy AND healthy ;-)


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