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The new treatment coming to Serenity by Jennie is, Drum roll please.... 

Lomilomi Massage!

If you are saying ‘oh wow when can I book?’ Then soon I promise, I'm just perfecting my techniques. If you are saying ‘lomi what?’ Then don't worry, all will be explained and trust me, you are going to want to know about this treatment!

Some of you may know that last week I went on a training course. During my time at the Infinity training academy in Melbourne Derbyshire, which was amazing! I learnt the Hawaiian art form of Lomilomi massage, it has serval meanings and one of them is loving hands. Interesting fact; when Hawaiians say a word twice they are emphasising its importance. Lomilomi refers to the sacred shift within you that is inspired by the healing Kahuna. The Kahuna is someone of great importance in Hawaiian culture, by lineage of blood, birth or initiation. Kahu meaning honoured or high servant and na meaning calmness and quiet evolution of emotions.

History of lomilomi

Lomilomi originated from ancient Polynesia 35,000 years ago to be precise, and was derived by the master healers of Hawaii.

Early Polynesian settlers brought their own form of massage to Hawaii, and with the influence of the master healers, they developed  It into the Hawaiian lomilomi massage. This indigenous art form was taught for hundreds of years, and with no social media sharing 35,000 years go, each isolated island developed its own variations. However, in the 19th century when America colonised Hawaii, and converted many to Christianity, lomilomi was viewed as a heathen unchristian practice, and so lomilomi massage was actually outlawed! If caught, practitioners could be fined in todays money upwards of £2.5 million!  And so the practice went underground and was given in secret. It wasn't until the 1970's the ban was lifted allowing lomilomi to openly practiced again, and thanks to the Hawaiian cultural renaissance movement, it spread around the world.

What is lomilomi massage?

lomilomi is a form of massage that helps to release blocked energy, and give balance to your physical, mental and emotional well being. There is no set routine and no two massages are the same. The therapist uses their breath, their intuition, and their heart to guide themselves through the massage, bringing healing and harmony to the mind, body and spirit.

Big island or traditional lomilomi comes through the late native Hawaiian Auntie Margaret Kalehuamakanoelu'ulu'uonapali Aha'ula Keali'I Machado. She was the Kahuna of lomilomi one of the first to teach lomilomi outside her own family, and is often quoted as saying "The difference between Swedish massage and lomilomi is loving touch"

What to expect from your lomilomi massage

This treatment is so completely unique, and I urge you to try it, I have never experienced anything quite like it, it was simple put... AMAZING!!!

I'm going to explain step by step what to expect.

  • So first of all you will notice there are no towels on my massage couch, that is a waterproof sheet you will be lying on!  why? because I will be using a lot of coconut oil, this is why I offer you paper knickers, but if you are more comfortable with your own on then thats fine too, but be warned they might get oily.

  • Due to the nature of the massage you will not be completely covered with towels, but don't worry you will notice the bed starting to heat up underneath you, keeping you toasty warm. However, to start with, you are covered over with a sarong.

  • I'll begin by cleansing the room and preparing myself, you just need to relax into the warm bed, and enjoy some peace and quiet. You may hear me saying some words, and feel my hands or some warmth along your back. This is part of my prep i'm asking for a calm space in my mind and a guided nurturing touch.

  • Now it is the drape and drizzle. I need to be able to get to your back and legs at the same time, so the sarong will be placed in a manner that protects your modesty, but allows me to work unhindered. Warm coconut oil is then drizzled all over the back of your body. This alone feels amazing! Once I'm satisfied I have basted you well ;-) the massage will begin.

  • Now this bit is hard to describe because it will be different for everyone, no two lomilomi massages are the same, but generally speaking I will be performing temple style lomilomi and you will experience continuous long flowing strokes with my hands, forearms and elbows. Some say this feels like the rise and fall of an ocean wave. My aim is to move continuously and fluidly around the body, working in various directions, kneading and stretching your muscles into a super relaxed state; this is what allows healing on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

  • You will then

turn over and the front of the body is now massaged. Again your modesty is completely covered with a sarong over your bust and a separate sarong covering your pants, while your legs, tummy, arms and chest are left uncovered. Again the massage will take on a unique form and will involve those long flowing strokes, deep kneading movements and incredible stretches.

  • The back of the body represents the past and letting go, the front of the body represents the here and now, the moves on the front of the body are all about setting intentions and this is what I will leave you with.

  • Your massage is now complete, you will be given time to relax and come round from your dream like state and here is the really difficult part because next I'm so sorry you have to get up! haha but don't forget you're in your own home and about 10 seconds away from your sofa or 30 seconds away from your bed, and believe me you are going to want to relax!

So there you have it, my new treatment coming right into your living room soon! Fancy trying it? Have I twisted your arm? Then have no fear I'm taking bookings for lomilomi massage real soon, watch this space.

Mahalo xx


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