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Elsa said it best... "Let it go"

Whether you secretly love it or hate it, we have all seen Walt Disney's Frozen a million times, and of course we all know the words to let it go. But have you ever thought about putting those 3 little words into practice in your every day life. I must point out I'm not a councillor or in any way telling anyone how to act, this is purely my opinion and something I find useful in my own life.

Being a beauty therapist I treat people, I get to see people at their worst, their best and everything in between. I hear stories of triumph, and sadly just as often tragedy. I see and hear people in such a raw and human state that I'm well aware at times life is amazing and 5 mins later it can be very trying.

When life is proving difficult, and you feel powerless, bring out your inner Elsa and Let it go. Easier said than done? Of course it is, but someone very wise once told me that if it was easy it wouldn't be worth doing. In an age of mental health awareness, and a focus on well being, I think those 3 little words can be a powerful tool in our mental toolbox.

There are 3 steps to finding your inner Elsa (It doesn't involve a sparkly dress or long blonde wig unless you really want it to!)

Step 1 - Identify - Admit to yourself what is bothering you, say it out loud if it helps, Admit where you are at this moment.

Step 2 - Acknowledge - Notice how it makes you feel. Are you angry, frustrated, or low. Do you feel tired, does your body ache anywhere, are you clenching your jaw. Work your way from your toes to your head, and make a mental note.

Step 3 - Action - Let it go, let it all go, let your muscles relax, let your body soften and give way, let those negative thoughts leave your mind, let everything go.

"How the hell can I let it go?" I hear you shout. Chances are some of the things that are playing on your mind you have no control over, otherwise you would have probably done what is within your power to change your situation or issue. That's the thing there are only really two things you can control.



The rest we will be what it will be. I'm not saying trivialise your problems, or forget them, but when you realise holding onto things that don't serve you is a waste of your energy, better spent else where; letting them go will be a sensible option. If you feel a wave of rage come over you, or perhaps a feeling of complete helplessness and sadness, and there is nothing you can do about the cause to those feeling, when the time is right for you, decide your own actions and your attitude, decide to let it go.

Try it next time you are on my treatment couch, laying awake in bed, or just when the moment of need arises. Understand that by being stressed or worried over something, will not change anything, the only changes will be a detriment to your health, and maybe even affect others around you. Realise you can't change what you can't control. Notice how this is making you feel, dig deep, sing the song if it helps, nice big breath in, and slow steady exhale out, and let it go.

Thanks for reading I hope when you need it you can find your inner Elsa.


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