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From an owl to a lark

The first blog of the year! I hope 2020 has started well for everyone. In the new year, many of us reflect and want to change, want to improve, or at least do things differently. What did Einstein say, the definition of insanity is to do the same thing twice, but expect a different result. Clever bloke eh, and I'm sure we are all guilty of knowing something that is bad for us, or doesn't work in our favour and yet, we repeat it and just hope things will be different this time. Spoiler alert... it's never different! The same action will produce the same result. So change is needed, if you want a different result.

I was exceptionally guilty of this when it came to my morning routine. I have set hours I work, but I don't always work those hours. It depends on when and where my first appointment is. I might have a 10am appointment, or I might have a 2pm first appointment; every day is different. In order to determine what time to set my alarm for in the morning, I would work backwards. First appointment is 11am, it's going to take me X amount of time to travel there, I need Y amount of time to get myself ready and walk Spike. Therefore X+Y = alarm time. Seems a sensible formula, and good way to judge when to get up, right? WRONG because I would always under estimate the amount of time it takes me to get through my routine. I would convinced myself at 1am in the morning; when I was just going to bed, I only need 30mins to get myself ready so I can sleep a little longer, when the reality was I need at least an hour. So this is just one example of how I would perform the same action time and time again, and yet convince myself, this time will be different. Guess what? I would always run out of time, because I was repeating the same action, see Madness! The reason I did that I will confess, I love my bed! I love to be be cosy and snuggly and I'm not a morning person.

So its 2020 a brand new year, one which had started amazingly for me, my diary was booking up, appointments were coming in thick and fast, then before I knew it January was almost fully booked. This feeling of triumph and success at having a busy diary at the beginning of the year; a notoriously slow time for many beauty businesses, slowly began to fade as I started to feel a bit overwhelmed, I had visions of rushing everywhere, trying my best to fit everyone in. Work work work, I love my job don't get me wrong but there has to be balance in life. I had visions of just complete chaos at home, jobs not getting done because I simply had no time.

Time is such a ridged thing, and yet sometimes it appears to fly by and at other times it will drag. How am I going to create more time to do what I need to do. Then as if it was a gift from the universe, I saw a video from a guy called Jim Kwik, who is an American entrepreneur and business coach. I think the video was called you will never be lazy again. After watching the clip, I immediately thought wow! I'm going to take on board what he said because it really made sense. I can't create more time but I can utilise the time available to me in a more effective and productive way. So now I'm up at 6am, I set myself daily goals, and those hours before I turn out for work are used to do everything I need to do to create some space and balance in my life. So I was once an night owl and now I'm a lark.

Thanks for reading I hope maybe this might inspire you to make a little change


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