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To talk or not to talk? That is the question

I never realised this question is often on people minds but rarely asked, so I'm here to set the record straight, should you talk to me during your treatment?

Well I actually don't have a definitive answer haha! Sorry but I'm hoping this will help.

My objective is to deliver an outstanding massage treatment, facial treatment or which ever treatment you have chosen. I want you to relax, enjoy and reap the benefits that your hard earned money is paying for. So ask yourself this, can you fully switch off if you are chatting?

Chances are no you can't, you might think you are relaxed, you might think you have switched off, but your mind is still engaged in conversation. BUT remember this is YOUR treatment, I will treat you like an individual, and your treatment is designed around you, so if you feel more comfortable chatting away to me then please do, but never feel you HAVE to.

whether I've treated you 100 times or if its your first treatment with me, I will always check you are comfortable, happy with what we are going to do and that the treatment is safe and suitable for your needs. So should you talk? If you want to its absolutely fine, equally I would love if you can fully relax and switch off.


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