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Where it all began

Hi everyone, so this is my first blog entry and I have to admit I'd been wondering what to write about, and then in a moment of inspiration it came to me, why not start at the beginning! So this is how I came to be a beauty therapist.

Why did I decide a career in the beauty therapy industry? After school I did A-levels, whilst my best friend went off to college to study beauty therapy. She asked me if I would be a model for an assessment. I of course jumped at the chance of getting a beauty treatment done. I'd never been to a college before, or had any treatments for that matter, so I was a little nervous. I went where I was suppose to, and waited for my friend to come get me. My friend appeared and we walked into the 'classroom' and what I saw and experienced next changed my life! Being in that room was when the love affair started.

Not only was I met with a warm welcome but a sea of friendly faces too. All the girls were setting up their areas, collecting bits and bobs. They were all helping each others out, the atmosphere was... its hard to put into words but just so warm and friendly. My nerves were gone and I was in complete awe of all these girls, busying around but in a calm collected way and looking the part too, very neat and professional. I was also in awe of my friend, I've known her since we were 2! we grew up together, flashes of sleep overs and indoor water fights were whizzing through my mind, now here she was all grown up, looking like a professional and studying beauty therapy.

It was time for my treatment, I was having a facial. She did a consultation and told me what I needed to do, I jumped on the couch, I was so excited I'd never had any treatments before. Well what can I say I absolutely loved it! I found it so relaxing, and at one point she massaged my shoulders, and really I just thought why is this not a legal requirement for EVERYONE haha! I couldn't get over how amazing I felt, I didn't feel bad before I was only about 17 years old, but afterwards I can honestly say I just felt so much lighter and my skin felt amazing.

fast forward 1 and a half years, A levels were nearly done and it was time to decide the rest of my life! Another friend in the mean time had also been to college to study beauty therapy. We worked at a well known supermarket with lovely bright orange fleeces as the uniform. She was telling me about her day at college and what they had been up to. Again that feeling of awe washes over me, They had been studying theatrical make-up, and been making their own cosmetics. It just sounded so much fun, and with the prospect of needing to make a decision about which uni to go to looming ever closer, and me just not feeling the university path was for me. I remembered my experience of being a client at the college, how much I enjoyed the vibe of the salon environment and mind made up I'm going to study beauty therapy.

Sure enough that September I enrolled at college and studied a BTEC diploma of beauty therapy and applied sciences. 2 years later I left with a Triple Distinction and a Job at a 4 star spa.

Below is a pic of me and my college mates on our last day before going out into the big wide would as fully qualified beauty therapists.


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